is an online marketplace that offers a curated selection of art and design objects (photography, painting, sculpture, apparel, jewellery, publications, ceramics…) generously donated by emerging as well as established artists from across the creative industries to help the Lebanese people rebuild Beirut. We are a charitable initiative founded by a group of creatives ⦿ in the wake of the 2020 Beirut blast . The funds raised will support thoroughly vetted NGOs that work for immediate aid and longer term recovery.


On 4th August 2020,

one of the largest explosions in world history

Nearly 3000 metric tons of ammonium nitrate had sat in a port warehouse since 2013, at the knowledge of the Lebanese government, while it continued to function as Lebanon’s largest shipping and clearing point — with more than 70% of import and export traffic passing through the port — and the country’s primary grain store.

obliterated the port of Beirut and surrounding areas, killing more than 200 people, injuring at least 5,000, and making 300,000 people homeless, destroying hospitals, homes and workplaces.

In the aftermath of the blast, people took to the streets, helping each other, clearing glass with brooms while the government, army and police did nothing. The electricity supply had already been limited to a few hours per day, and was now wiped out, with volunteers left searching for people through rubble and doctors carrying out critical surgery with phone torches. When the government did respond, it was by sending out security forces with rubber bullets and military grade tear gas, in response to protests at their lack of action.

Lebanon had already been facing one of the world’s worst economic crises.

Pre-pandemic, its currency had lost 80% of its value since October 2019 and had a debt-to- GDP ratio of almost 180%. The banks had drastically rationed spending, withdrawals were limited to $100 per week, and overseas transfers were blocked. Bread and medicine were in short supply, rubbish was piling up, and the World Bank had warned that half the country could be living in poverty if the government didn’t act. Now, millions of Lebanese people —including over a million refugees— are at risk, with no support from the government, and access to foreign aid faltering in complex negotiations.

A customer buys an item from Beirut Re–Store A contributor donates an artwork to Beirut Re–Store

Straight to the people of Lebanon

Through the Beirut Emergency Fund 2020, funds from Beirut Re–Store will be disbursed with full transparency to well-vetted NGOs according to the most pressing needs, which include Shelter and Rehabilitation for households, SMEs, Medical and Mental Health.

The Beirut Emergency Fund 2020 is a coalition comprised of Lebanese diaspora organisations LIFE, SEAL, LebNet, Jamhour Alumni (US/Europe) and Kuwait-America Foundation, focused on supporting non-profit, nongovernmental NGOs working to meet the humanitarian relief among vulnerable populations impacted by the explosion.




120+ artists (and counting)

  • Jenna Westra
  • Louise Lawler
  • Robert Elfgen
  • Jack Davison
  • Fay Wei Wei & Cob Gallery
  • Jamie Hawkesworth
  • John Pawson & When Objects Work
  • Gianni Versace Srl
  • Proenza Schouler
  • Tarek Shamma
  • Nathaniel Wojtalik for Cultivation Objects
  • Walter Dahn
  • Patcharavipa
  • Langley Fox
  • Flavie Audi
  • Brunhilde Bordeaux - Groult
  • Juliette Seydoux
  • Senta Simond
  • Peter Puklus
  • Bethan Laura Wood & Nilufar Gallery
  • ezontle Studio & Peana Projects
  • Chris Wolston
  • Victor De Rossi
  • Hamish Pearch
  • Halpern Studio
  • Hala Kaiksow
  • Miltos Manetas
  • Sophie McElligott
  • Bobby Davidson
  • Bobby Davidson
  • Lotte Andersen
  • Antoine Wagner
  • Bibi Borthwick
  • Tyrone Lebon & Lily Gavin
  • Johnny Dufort
  • Arnaud Lajeunie
  • Angelo Pennetta
  • Adrian Mesko
  • Pierre-Ange Carlotti
  • Mariana Gomes & Cristina Guerra Gallery
  • Joe Sharaf
  • Ignasi
  • Ai Wei Wei
  • Karen Klimnik
  • iiode
  • Julie Verhoeven
  • Gigi Rose Gray
  • Frank Lebon
  • Wilfrid Wood
  • Rio Kobayashi
  • Nick van Woert
  • Andrew Vowles
  • Andreas Schulze
  • Felix Carr
  • Alice Neale
  • Oliver Hadlee Pearch
  • Felix Cooper
  • Martine Rose
  • Charlotte Chesnais
  • Leo Fitzmaurice & The Sunday Painter
  • Andrew Erdos & The Chimney NYC
  • JW Anderson
  • Yohji Yamamoto Archive
  • John Galliano for Dior
  • Edward Cuming
  • Feliks Topolski
  • Thomas Sauvin
  • Sara Naim
  • Leeor Wild
  • Stephan Breuer
  • Laura Watters
  • Ronan Mckenzie
  • Nadim Asfar
  • Flavie Audi & Sammy Lee
  • Savannah Mcmillan
  • Charlie Masson
  • Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi
  • Liam Lee
  • CC-Tapis & David/Nicolas
  • Mariana Frahm
  • The Haas Brothers
  • Dimitra Petsa
  • Jamie Diamond
  • Michel Harmouch
  • Fernando Jorge
  • Ali Silverstein
  • Hassan Idriss
  • Vaquera
  • Coco Brun
  • Erika Maish
  • Goom Heo
  • Louisa Ballou
  • Gala Colivet Dennison
  • Ami Doshi Shah
  • The Gentlewoman
  • Craig Green
  • Conner Ives
  • Gui Rosa
  • Ashley Williams
  • Emily Filler
  • Studio Abroad
  • Jenny Hata Blumenfield
  • Julie Richoz for TRAME
  • On The Nose (Brianna Capozzi and Maya Barrera)
  • Marion Duclos Mailaender
  • Mario Milana
  • Rozalina Burkova
  • Alex Booker
  • Marie Déhé
  • Gwendoline Perrigueux & Galerie Eric Mouchet
  • Sophie Buhai
  • Ana Khouri
  • M/M (Paris)
  • IDEA
  • OK-RM & InOtherWords
  • Rebecca Salvadori
  • Dalila Barkache
  • Christian Letts
  • Alice Bucknell
  • Esther Theaker
  • Sofia Mattioli
  • Evan Tetreault
  • Marcus Cooper
  • Gemma Warren
  • Shahrzad Changalvaee
  • Indigo Lewin
  • Jonathan Monk & InOtherWords
  • Broomberg & Chanarin
  • Emma Berliner
  • Johanna Tagada & InOtherWords
  • Cynthia Daignault & Curran Hatleberg
  • Jim Goldberg
  • Fos & InOtherWords
  • Juergen Teller & InOtherWords
  • Daniel Shea
  • Magdalene Odundo & InOtherWords
  • MACK
  • Ignota Books
  • Silver Press
  • Daniela & Linda Dostálková & InOtherWords
  • Max Creasy & InOtherWords
  • Nick Waplington