Sitting portrait with Jack Davison
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    Opening Date: 02/12/2020

    Closing Date: 09/12/2020

    Ticket Price: $15.00

    All funds go to Beirut NGOs

    Payment 100% Secure

    About the prize

    Win a chance to sit for a photo portrait with British artist Jack Davison. The lucky winner will receive a print and a digital file of the portrait. 

    Players must be in London to participate. Travel costs are not included.

    Lucky Dip experiences will take place within 3 months after the draw.


    How does it help Beirut?

    Every sale contributes to raising money for Lebanon. Funds will be disbursed with full transparency to well-vetted NGOs according to the most pressing needs through the Beirut Emergency Fund 2020.

    This raffle is now closed